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 Show your kids and other hunters around you the respect you have for the land, wildlife and the owners property by ALWAYS picking up your empty hulls.

Dove season dates Season

Zone Dates Regular North   Sep. 1 - Nov. 12   &   Dec. 18 - Jan. 3

Dove Hunting Etiquette 101

Don't crowd another hunter……give at least 40 yards between hunters

Stay out of the middle of the field and DO NOT WALK THE FIELD. The birds that make it thru the barrage need to land and feed.  You can shoot as they are coming out of the field.

Pick up your hulls so we can prevent livestock from ingesting them and it keeps the land owner happy.

Always have your gun on safety when around other hunters,

Do not shoot below the horizon.

When a bird goes down, keep your eye on it and walk directly to it.  If you do not see it right away, mark the place where you think it is with a small towel and walk a grid around the towel, also if you shoot another bird you can find your place again. Remember, the bird is usually farther out than  you think!

Leave your gun in the field if you need to retrieve a bird.

Crossing a fence line that is not owned by our land owner is trespassing and you are taking a chance of receiving a citation for trespassing. This is a FELONY offense in Texas.


Texas Dove Hunting Tips

Dove hunting in Texas can be an immeasurably rewarding, and difficult, experience for an advanced hunter. Doves are smart, cunning, and easily spooked, and when they take off they can be nearly impossible to hit. Following these basic dove hunting tips can get you the right dove hunting gear to get started.

Selecting the Right Gun
When dove hunting season rolls around, it's time to pick out your shot gun. A 12, 16 or 20 gauge is perfect for Texas dove hunting, especially if you pick up an autoloader. Autoloaders let you get out three or more shots in a short period of time. Federal law requires all repeating shotguns to be loaded with no more than three shells. Make sure to pick a gauge that won't tire you, or be difficult to control

Picking A Shot
After you've found your gun, and debated other dove hunting tips, consider buying some dove hunting gear, such as shells.7 ½ to 9 shells should be more than enough. Anything larger will destroy the dove. Use 1 to 1 1/8 ounce shot shell load. You'll be taking a lot of shots when dove hunting, and your arm is likely to get sore with heavier loads. Lighter loads are also more accurate, a key thing to consider when dove hunting.

Scouting for Doves
Successful Texas dove hunting requires some scouting for their natural habitat. If that's not an option, doves prefer areas with a lot of trees, that near a water source. . They also prefer to stay near a consistent food source. Doves are especially partial to wheat, sunflowers, millet, and grain crops, making fields of these grains perfect places to scout for doves. After you've found a dove spot, build a simple blind out of limbs and leaves. Anything more constrictive will be easier for the doves to spot, and will be harder for you to move come dove hunting season.

Taking Shots
Successful dove hunting in Texas requires mastering various types of shot. When a dove is flying straight for you, aim for the beak and shoot just before they reach you. A suddenly flying dove is a startling experience, especially when they start spiraling into the sky. Don't panic: take a moment to draw a bead on them, and pull the trigger. A non-startled dove, flying across the sky leisurely is perhaps easiest to hit, as long as you take your time and don't startle it.